About us

About Contenido-Neto

  • Our original patented tool, the RepopKnife, was developed to help as many people as possible recycle plastic bottles, minimize the use of space, and design their own products.

    The Contenido-Neto Project was launched in 2003 during one of the worst economic crisis in Argentina’s history. More than one hundred thousand people in Buenos Aires began to make their living from things they found on the streets. The mission of our project was to provide those most severely impacted by the crisis with alternative ways to support themselves.

    Contenido-Neto is our way of implementing design and applying our profession to promote social change. Our goal is clear-- to develop tools and processes that allow people to transform ordinary, discarded, waste materials into designed products, thus multiplying the value of “trash”.

    The concept of the RepopKnife traces back to a utensil used by the “Gauchos” for cutting leather into strips they used for knitting and weaving ropes, riding crops, reins and muzzles.